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At waabec we are proud of the quality of our Qualified and Engaging Trainers. Waabec’s greatest resource is our team of consultants.

Our team has:

  • International experience in business and language training, which gives us a global perspective to the learning process.
  • a dedication to helping you improve on-the-job language and communication skills.
  • a high level of proficiency in the language they impart; with qualifications in language training, linguistics or a related field,and experience, between 5 and 25 years, in teaching a Foreign Language to Adults.
  • been selected for their proven ability and their experience in adapting instructional and innovative methods to the needs of the individual.
  • trainers who have an unbridled enthusiasm for teaching, who have fresh new ideas, who have a friendly and approachable personalities and who can prove exceptional end results.

We constantly monitor all our trainers to ensure that their performance meets the high standards we promise. Success in learning a new language depends a great deal on the teacher-student relationship, and we aim to find the perfect match!



I am one of the founders of waabec. With businesses in Spain becoming more international we identified a niche market for language training in companies where the emphasis was on communication skills across continents and cultures. Having identified this gap, we set up waabec to offer professional language communication skills to our customers. Being at the forefront of waabec has given me an incredible opportunity to build a strong team of great professionals internally and strong partnerships with our HR clients.


I have been a language teacher for 15 years and a director of studies for 10 years, specialising in English language skills and the business environment. I am a firm believer that anyone can learn to communicate in any language,this is achieved through a tailored approach to learning and coaching language skills, and ensuring that the material is both engaging and challenging for learners. My background and degree was in Business Management combined with a postgraduate in teaching, which has enabled me to better impart classes focused on the business environment and in creating specific training material related to presentations, meetings, negotiations and writing skills.


"After working for some years as a cost consultant in the construction industry in the UK, I trained as a teacher in 1995 and have been teaching English since then. I was extremely lucky to get my first teaching job in a private business university in Poland, where I worked with and learned a great deal from some exceptional teachers in the English department. Since 1997 I have worked in Barcelona and Madrid, and since 2000 have taught exclusively incompany, working with professionals in a wide range of business sectors, helping improve communication skills in both a business and social environment."


I trained as an ESL teacher and as an Administrative Assistant. Have been working for language schools both in teaching and in administration for over 30 years.' It’s been a 17 year journey with Waabec!


I am a sociolinguist with a passion for both languages and culture. I have taught for about 30 years now, and remain fascinated with all I learn from every new student.


20 years’ experience teaching all levels of Business English. Highly motivated, enthusiastic and dedicated educator who wants all students to be successful learners


English and Spanish teacher for adults in Barcelona since 1997. She has worked for Waabec since September 2006.


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