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Here at waabec we offer a range of products, central to this range of products is our dedication to getting results.

Our results orientated approach aims to ensure that material is relevant, practical and clearly geared towards a final objective. Therefore, before starting the course students undergo a level test, needs analysis and gap analysis (graph/table of hours need for improvement). Once this information has been acquired the teacher will devise a course programme in tandem with the student/group and The Director of Studies.

We apply this approach to all of the products listed above.

All of our programmes are taught by an experienced team of trainers with a variety of expertise. The environment we create brings confidence through practice with experienced teachers from Australia to the USA and from the United Kingdom and Ireland to Zambia.

We also have years of experience preparing student for the following exams:



Acquisition Theory

“Acquisition” could be said to be the opposite tendency to “learning”. This theory is based on the way in which children acquire their mother tongue. This theory emphasizes the ability to communicate. By communication we mean that the student manages to convey the message regardless of the accuracy of the language used. With the passage of time the student uses increasingly more precise language as a consequence of the need to avoid the ambiguity that arises in imprecise communication.

Advantages of the waabec way

Waabec’s methodology combines the above considerations to produce a highly efficient student orientated technique that leads to rapid enjoyable learning.


we begin by a thorough needs analysis of the student. Here we gather information about the student’s level, in what way they are going to have to apply the language and certain aspects of the student’s personality and interests. This gives us the context we shall use to produce interesting effective material to study with.


As most adults believe that they need to learn grammar and vocabulary in what we have described previously as the traditional “learning” mode, even though theory shows us that this is not the case. We must incorporate this highly important motivational factor. Thus, we supply the student with a clear plan of his/her course and more traditional material to fulfill his expectations. The difference being that these “grammar” and “vocabulary” sheets should be focused on his world.


From the first moment we work towards lowering the student’s “affective filters”. Thus, we demonstrate to them, continually, that they are capable of learning the language using the technique of “positive reinforcement“. This means that the trainer highlights successes in the language learning process and ignores the difficult and negative aspects. With time when the trainer has installed a positive, dynamic learning environment he deals with the more complex issues that the student has.


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